OKAY-PACKAGING-Bio-plastic Bubble inner Express Mailer Deliver Bags

Bio-plastic Bubble inner Express Mailer Deliver Bags

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Product Description

Yellow Kraft Paper Mailer bags
Degradable express mailing bag, kraft paper surface, inner bag is 85 g bio plastic bubble wrap, It is an indispensable bag for e-commerce business. Cheap, easy to use, 100% compostable environmental friendly.

Application of Yellow Kraft Mailer Pouch 

This kind of yellow kraft paper eco-friendly courier bag, with built-in bubble bag, has shock absorption, anti-drop, anti-scratch. Applicable to e-commerce applications for smaller commodities, such as consumer electronics.
Yellow courier pouch Thickness and weight
The thickness of the bag body is approximately: 6mm, and the weight is approximately: 20 grams. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, no space for packaging products, and no increase in logistics costs.

 Customized Courier bags
Contact us, and share your ideas or your requirement, we tailor-made the mailer bag according your offered specification. The colors, Size, style, and your logo, etc.
This express envelope bag -Ziplock bags
The self-seal closure provides a reliable, tamper-evident tight seal to secure all enclosures. Extra smooth surface is perfect
for handwriting, labeling and stamping.

Product Features
Colors, Dimension & Logo Customizable
Degradation rate 100% compostable
Processing technology Blowning processing 
Types of packing  Corrugated cartoon
Technology Environmental friendly
Payment FOB /EXW 

OUR FACTORY                               

company main products:biodegradable bubble bags,express bags,self-adhesive envelope bags,shopping bags,garbage bags and biodegradable films. 
OEM/ODM Welcome,any Size and Color Printing or Logo as Customiezd.
Adhering to the core advantages and competitiveness of 'qualitu determines marketing, service determines survival',the company has always adhered to the principle of 'customer first' to provide excellent solutions and quality services for domestic and foreign customers 

Polylactic acid(PLA) is a biodergradable polymer material prepared from biomass material by high technology. PLA has excellent biodegradability.After being discarded,it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the soil to generate CO2 and H2O without environmental pollution.

Biomolecular materials dericed from renwable natural plant resources such as beet and potato
All biodergradable products are suittable for various waste disposal methods; natural decomposittion,composting and incineration  The biological full degradation into water and carbon dioxide,zero pollution to the natural ecology 

3. What is the difference between "oxo-biodegradable" and "compostable"?
Oxo-biodegradable refers to a material that is made from plastic that, over time, will break down into smaller pieces of plastic but never fully degrade. Compostable materials, on the other hand, are made from plant-based materials and will completely biodegrade in a short period of time in a commercial composting operation. Oxo-biodegradable bags, often labeled "degradable" or "biodegradable" are not permitted under this new law. Only compostable bags are allowed.

4. Will the compostable bags start to breakdown if it rains or if they are stored for a long period of time?
The technology used to make compostable bags has improved greatly. The first compostable bags made years ago did tend to break down when stored too long on a shelf or if they came in contact with any moisture. Today, we have much higher-quality bags that 
have longer shelf lives and can hold up better to outdoor conditions. You will likely notice a difference in brands, so if you don't like one type that you use, try another and it may work better.

5. Why is using compostable bags important?
Once your yard waste or source separated compostable waste is picked up, it is delivered to a compost facility. Waste received at composting facilities in regular plastic bags must be debagged, which increases costs and the chance that plastic bags will be blowing around on site causing a safety hazard and litter problem. Some compost sites shred the bag and its contents and attempt to screen the torn pieces of plastics later. Unfortunately not all plastic shreds can be screened out, which reduces the value and
quality of the finished compost.

6. Where can I buy compostable bags?

send inquiry to us or contact us via whatsApp +86 15921401632.

7. When do I have to use compostable bags?
Compostable bags are required for use with curbside yard waste and compost collection (unless you use a cart from your hauler). So any yard waste, food waste, organics, or other compostable material must be placed in a compostable or kraft bag, or in a cart when collected at the curb.

8. What are the benefits of using compost?
Benefits of using compost include:

• Saving natural resources;
• Reducing soil erosion;
• Preventing polluted storm water runoff from contaminating our wetlands, lakes, and streams; and
• Providing a valuable soil amendment product that can be used to enrich the soils of our community.

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